Hawaiian Ocean Adventures
Hawaiian Ocean Adventures

Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventure

Come sail the way Polynesians have done for thousands of years

The canoe in its various forms has been the most influential traditional craft of Indigenous cultures throughout the world. It has provided numerous cultures the ability to access resources, to provide sustenance for their families, and transport people and materials from one island to another while also being the source of endless enjoyment for generations.

Through the addition of a sail, our ancestors were able to explore vast distances allowing them the opportunity to explore new areas and a greater reach to natural resources. Larger voyaging canoes allowed our ancestors to travel great distances, to explore new lands and to migrate to the distant corners of Oceania all through the art of traditional wayfinding. By utilizing ancestral knowledge, our ancestors were able to use the sun, stars, wind and a variety of birds and marine life to navigate their way across the immense distances of the Pacific Ocean to finally arrive in Hawaii and establish settlements that have grown into the Hawaiian Islands we know today. Our Hawaiian sailing canoes (built by our founder) are inspired by these traditional vessels that have been used throughout Polynesia for thousands of years.

We have created our Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventures to share our love of the wa’a with visitors from around the world and residents of Hawaii. We offer our guests the opportunity to participate in an authentic Hawaiian cultural experience that reaches back over time. Our sailing canoes offer the perfect platform to sail over the ocean, enjoy the natural beauty of the area, learn about this part of our culture, and appreciate the variety of marine life found in our waters.

It is a perfect activity for families and for guests of all ages!

We hope you will join us for the experience of a lifetime and gain a greater appreciation of our Hawaiian culture.

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