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Hawaiian Ocean Adventures

Four Seasons Resort SUP Glow Paddle Rental

One of the fastest growing water sports in Hawai‘i

Standup Paddle Boarding (SUP) is an activity that has grown to worldwide popularity, with its roots traced back to the original Hawaiian Beach Boys of Waikiki who used long canoe paddles with guests on their surfboards, it is an activity that is perfect for all ages.

Hawaiian Ocean Adventures is pleased to offer our guests the opportunity to join us at night for a SUP Glow Paddle rental in Lagoon 1 at the Four Seasons Resort in Ko Olina, Oahu.

This is a wonderful opportunity to come out and play on the water in Lagoon 1 under the stars and moon to enjoy the serenity of the calm waters of Ko Olina on a SUP that lights up the ocean beneath you. A variety of fish can be seen as they are attracted to the lights on the board.

SUP boards are rented on a 30-minute basis and can be used by all members of your group during that 30-minute period. Guests will be provided with a brief instructional period, a SUP board, paddle, and personal floatation device (PFD’s). PFDs are required to be always worn while on the water.

We will have a team member that will be on the water with you for the duration of the activity and another team member to help you get the board in and out of the water.

Reservations for this activity can be made at the Four Seasons Concierge Desk, Beach Desk or online.

Waivers must be completed prior to participating in this activity.

This is a seasonal activity and operating times, and availability can be found on our reservation page.

It is a perfect activity for families and for guests of all ages!

We hope you will join us for the experience of a lifetime and gain a greater appreciation of our Hawaiian culture.

Reservations can be made at the Four Seasons Resort Concierge Desk, Beach Desk or online. Questions can be directed to the Four Seasons beach desk at (808) 679-3071.


Reservations for this activity can be made at the Four Seasons Concierge Desk, Beach Desk or online.

Nighttime SUP
Glow SUP
Nighttime SUP

SUP Glow Paddle Rental

A Wonderful Nighttime Adventure!