Hawaiian Ocean Adventures
Hawaiian Ocean Adventures

Four Seasons Resort Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Adventure

Come sail the way Polynesians have done for thousands of years

Hawaiian Ocean Adventures is excited to announce that we have partnered with the Four Seasons Resort Oahu to be the exclusive ocean activities provider for the resort.

At the Four Seasons Resort we offer three different Hawaiian sailing canoe adventure options: sailing without snorkeling, sailing with snorkeling or a private charter just for you and your guests.

All our Hawaiian sailing canoe adventures are approximately one hour long and cover a course of 2.5 miles sailing along the beautiful coastline of leeward Oahu. Guests will meet at the Four Seasons Beach Desk to sign waivers and be outfitted with their personal floatation devices (PFD’s). PFD’s are required to be worn at all times when on the canoe.

As we sail along the coastline our team will share with you the rich cultural stories of the area, historical significance of the sailing canoe and details about the local marine life including green sea turtles, Hawaiian spinner dolphins and Humpback whales (from November-May). If you have selected the snorkeling option for the tour, we will sail you to our snorkeling area and assist you with the snorkeling gear which is included with the tour. Once everyone is familiar and comfortable with their snorkeling gear, we will all enter the water with our captain and crew as ocean guides for a 30-minute snorkel.

We have incorporated a large inflatable rescue sled that will serve as a floating platform for children or inexperienced snorkelers to ensure an enjoyable experience. The rescue sled is also used to transfer people from the ocean back onto the canoe in a safe and efficient manner. Our snorkeling location is in very pristine and clear waters that are no deeper than 15 feet. The site’s proximity to shore provides us with very little ocean current and allows us to be in a location with no other boats near us.

Our guides will ensure that all viewing of the sea life is done in a respectful way so as not to disturb our precious marine ecosystem. There is so much to see and learn in the ocean and snorkeling provides a perfect window into this underwater world.

Once we have finished snorkeling, we will all get back on the canoe using our rescue sled and sail back to the lagoon and the shores of the Four Seasons Resort. This is a perfect time to get a picture of your family beside the canoe and capture the memory of a lifetime.

It is a perfect activity for families and for guests of all ages!

We hope you will join us for the experience of a lifetime and gain a greater appreciation of our Hawaiian culture.


Reservations can be made at the Four Seasons Resort Concierge Desk, Beach Desk or online. Questions can be directed to the Four Seasons beach desk at (808) 679-3071.

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